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Lone Star Super Gas, Inc. is owned and operated by Bobby Joe and Vicky Tomastik and sons, Erick and Evan Knutsen, from Kilgore, Texas. Lone Star Super Gas, Inc. has been in business since 1990 and services the fuel needs for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, as well as Mexico.

Bobby Joe comes with a wealth of racing knowledge. He has lifelong experience in the different types of racing He has worked with many engine builders to help racers with their fuel decisions. Bobby, Vicky, Erick, and Evan are dedicated to their current customers, as well as their future customers, and count it a blessing to be a part of this exciting industry.

We believe in customer service! We aim to give a good product at a good price, and to make a living, not a killing. Our goal is to bless other people as we have been blessed. We've been given an opportunity, and when God blesses us, the blessings overflow to all we serve. We strive to be trustworthy, to stand by our word at all times. Our hope is that this business goes on from generation to generation with the same dedication and values with which it began. It's not about us, but about what we can do for our customers.


Bobby Tomastik, Vicky Tomastik, Erick Knutsen, and Evan Knutsen


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Sunoco History

For decades, Sunoco's fuels have been associated with racing excellence. Since the mid-60s, when Sunoco and the Roger Penske Racing Team with Mark Donohue forged what would be a long and successful alliance, the company has grown into an indus­try powerhouse.

Today, Sunoco has expanded the reach of its racing fuels line around the world to include all types of professional motor sports and other activities where premium race fuels make a difference.

With its unsurpassed innovations and years of experience, it's easy to understand why more and more engine builders, racers, tracks and sanctioning bodies choose Sunoco over all other racing gasoline combined.

Winning on today's racing circuit requires more than an exceptional driver and a well-built car. It takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance – fuels like those produced by Sunoco.

As the largest manufacturer of racing gasolines in the world, Sunoco has a 40-year track record of winning performances. With an expanded product line, Sunoco of­fers drivers more choices than ever before. For the performance your engine is designed to deliver, con­sistently choose Sunoco Race Fuels.

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